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Letter T-S AS 154.326


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Family letter sent to Moshe, Yaʿaqov and Avraham. In Judaeo-Arabic. The sender fell off of a stair or ladder (sullam) and hurt their back and has now been bedridden (marmiyy(/a)) for 40 days. "I suffered what God only knows...." Mentions names such as Barhūn and possibly the wife of Ḥunayn. On verso, the sender might ask to have a doctor (ḥakīm) sent, "because I don't have any strength at all, if I set I'm unable to stand, and if I stand I'm unable to sit." Then explains something about eating meat and drinking wine. Dating: hard to say, likely Mamluk or early Ottoman-era based on hand and orthography; but not impossible that it's an 11th century letter from Ifrīqiyya. Needs further examination. (Information in part from CUDL)

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