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Letter T-S AS 153.308



Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Fragment (horizontal piece from the middle). Dating: Possibly 12th century based on hand, but that is a guess. The sender reports on some conflict probably involving public prayers. "...[they said] they would tell the judge and the teacher, but they didn't... the 9th of Av... pray, and I was shocked, because I had already reconciled with them—since for a long time I have prayed [...] and there was a great dispute between us, and we agreed that I would [...] but they I could not do the mufāsara(?)... the door until he prayed, and then..." On verso (labeled recto on CUDL), he writes at length about his sorrow at being parted from Rabbenu, and how Rabbenu said he would honor him with a letter, but he has received no letter from him since Purim. He asks for a letter from the addressee. He mentions his dead father (ואלדי נע). Regards to Abū Saʿd. The text in the margin mentions Rabbenu again and the judge Yosef. (Information in part from CUDL)

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