Letter: T-S AS 153.274

Letter T-S AS 153.274



Letter from the Alexandrian judge Shela b. Mevasser (dated documents: 1074–1101) to Abū l-Bishr Ibn al-Bustānī (? الابستاني) al-Makḥūl(?) Hiba b. al-[...] Sayyid al-Ahl(?). (This seems like too many names for one person; maybe there are multiple addressees.) Very damaged. Regarding a woman who had converted to Judaism, mentions that someone had recommended writing to the elders in Fustat, apparently to ask them to approach "our lord the nasi, rosh ha-gola" (i.e., David b. Daniel, ca. 1082–94) and other notables. Also mentions Shemuʾel Ibn al-Dayyān and Abū Yaʿaqov Yiṣḥaq, and that "these converts adhere to religion better than the Jews." (Information in part from CUDL and Cohen, Self-Government, p. 201.)

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