Letter: T-S AS 152.70

Letter T-S AS 152.70


Letter from the office of the Nagid Shemuel b. Ḥananya to Shabbetay [b. Avraham] he-Ḥaver, the judge of Minyat Ziftā. Handwriting of Natan b. Shemuel? The letter starts with a quotation of Isaiah 12:2. This seems to be a summons for Abū Zikrī b. Khalfa to come to the court in Fustat for a lawsuit involving sums of money owed. He is to be sent with Abū ʿAli b. Barukh, the bearer of this letter. "He must not tarry. Inform him that if he tarries . . ." (Information in part from CUDL.) Probably related: ENA NS 63.12 (PGPID 12209) and T-S AS 152.70 (PGPID 17785).

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