Letter: T-S AS 152.54

Letter T-S AS 152.54



Letter from Berakha, the wife of Marwān b. Zikrī/Zekharya, to her brother Avraham b. Peraḥya Mahdawī (Ben Yiju). In Judaeo-Arabic. It is unclear if this was written before or after the family's migration from North African to Sicily. She mentions taking an oath in front of her husband (presumably one of the customary oaths of asceticism on behalf of a loved one on a dangerous voyage), but the next few words are damaged and need to be deciphered. It seems that her husband was not pleased; [lam] yarḍā lī baʿali bi-dhālika wa-jawwazahū lī wa-law ashhad fī dhālika l-ṣiyām.... She goes on to describe her loneliness and longing and weeping. The rest is missing. Not included in the India Book. (Information in part from CUDL, Amir Ashur, and Mordechai Akiva Friedman.) ASE

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