Letter: T-S AS 152.191

Letter T-S AS 152.191



Fragment from a letter/petition from Abū Saʿīd Ibn al-Muʿallima to Maḍmūn b. [Ḥasan] the Nagid of Yemen. In Judaeo-Arabic, with long introductory formulae in Hebrew. Of note one of Maḍmūn's titles here is מרדכי הזמן, which later became typical of Maimonides' titles, but was not unique to him. The sender is a teacher in the Iraqi synagogue (מע]לם בכניסה אל[ער]אקיין) and also mentions a certain Shelomo [...] al-ḥaver. The continuation and almost all of the substance are missing. Likely he goes on to ask for financial support for the synagogue/community, as we find in other letters sent from Fustat to wealthy benefactors in Yemen edited in the India Book. (Information in part from CUDL and M. A. Friedman.) ASE

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