Letter: T-S AS 151.85 + NLI 577.10/37

Letter T-S AS 151.85 + NLI 577.10/37

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Letter by Yefet b. Menashshe Ibn al-Qaṭāʾif to his brother Abū l-Surūr Peraḥya Ibn al-Qaṭāʾif. Opens with blessings for Yom Kippur. He thanks Peraḥya for the 10(?) dirhams that he sent for their mother, who thanks and prays for him (cf. T-S 13J22.29). The gum (ṣamgh) has arrived. Mentions incense (nidd/nadd). He refers in vague terms to some good news or advice and urges Peraḥya to act on it. Join: Alan Elbaum.

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