Letter: T-S AS 149.96

Letter T-S AS 149.96



Letter from Maḥrūz b. Yaʿaqov (active ca. 1131–50), either in Aden or in India, to (his brother-in-law Abū Zikrī) Yehuda ha-Kohen, in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. The sender has acquired musk for somebody. He has also acquired for his nephew Sulaymān "a young Indian (male) slave"; he has paid for the enslaved man's provisions (mawna/muʾna) till ʿAydhāb; the addressee must pay the bill for the expenses from ʿAydhāb onward. This letter was probably written shortly before Maḥrūz's letter to Sulaymān (IB II, 56–57 = T-S 16.345 (PGPID 5447) and BL OR 5542.17 (PGPID 5428), two copies of the same letter), since in that letter he says he is happy to hear that the slave reached Sulaymān safely. (Information in part from CUDL.) ASE.

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