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Letter T-S AS 149.119

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Letter from Ibn al-Naj[era] to [Ḥalfon b.] Netanʾel ha-Levi. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: ca. 1138 CE, as it seems to belong with documents 32ח to 34ח (T-S 12.285, T-S 8J18.3, and T-S 13J14.21). It is very faded. The address appears at the top of recto. This scribe represents ط as צ, sometimes with a dot over it. Scattered phrases: "... I encountered Abū Ibrāhīm... mithqāl(s) from Tilimsān... Almeria, and the silk... I entered Granada...." Belongs in the addendum to India Book IV. ASE

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