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Letter T-S NS 226.188 + T-S AS 148.48


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Letter from ʿEli b. Hillel ha-Kohen to Berakhot b. Aharon. In Judaeo-Arabic. With a rudimentary hand and spellings. Mentions: 'al-rayyis'; how the sender's sister went to someone's house and accused someone of not paying the money due to the miserable children; how the addressee's brother and paternal uncle are in Damascus; how the addressee had complained about difficult making a living; how the sender took some money (a lot of small change?) to a banker named Abū Ghālib, who weighed it and said it came out to 9 (dinars?) and a bit; as well as other family members and the synagogue. (Information in part from CUDL.) Join: Alan Elbaum

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