Letter: T-S 8.258

Letter T-S 8.258



Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Mentions a certain Abū l-Ḥasan b. Ḥassūn. The writer recounts the legal proceedings following somebody's death and various people bearing false testimony. The writer toook a vow and paid a certain woman what was her due. "In the course of this, a severe illness came over me (wa-ḥadatha li-ʿabdihā fī ghuḍūn hādha maraḍ ṣaʿb), so I was forced to leave the [elders] and return to my family (wife), fearing that it would get worse (khawf an yashtadd [bihi?] al-amr)." The writer is mentioning this as a justification for failing to continue to be there in person (wa-kān ʿadhr ʿabdihā fī dhālika wāḍiḥ). He asks for forgiveness from 'ḥaḍrat sayyidinā', and if the latter orders him to return in person, he will do so. ASE.

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