Letter: T-S 6J7.20

Letter T-S 6J7.20


Recto: Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: ca. 12th century. Addressed to 'my brother,' a notable given many titles and blessings (לכתר עם האלהים... תפארת בני מ.ל... וכל מנצח גם משורר לו יעידון... פאר עמו ועטרת עדתו... יחייהו ויזכהו נוטה זבולים לבנין... ויזכה בקרוב לחופה יקרה בחיי...). Headed by the verse יקימך ייי לו לעם קדוש (Deut. 28:9). The sender reports on the settlement he has reached with someone; "the evil was from Abū l-Khayr..."; my settlement was difficult to me...." Verso: Letter in Judaeo-Arabic; might be the continuation of recto, but might be in a different hand. Mentions the tax/customs of אלחמירה(?); how certain people's houses were locked up and sealed; Faḍāʾil al-Naṣrānī (the Christian) was forced to go into hiding (amr aḥwajahū ilā l-khafiyya); then mentions, "going out to you every day of the week to stay with you... on Saturday, al-Bama (? אלבָמָה) will go while he is weak(?) of eyesight(?)... write him the letter of your justice(?)... and he will not stay. Know, O my brother... the envious one(?) from the family of(?)... requires the [...] and secrecy...." (Information in part from CUDL.) ASE

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