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Letter T-S 6J7.17

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Letter/petition in Judaeo-Arabic. Recto is mostly extended expressions of deference and flattery. Starting about halfway through verso, it appears that the sender is asking for an appointment as a cantor (תגעלוני בחכם... פי מנזלה חזאניכם). The ḥaver (probably the addressee) should judge between the sender and (presumably his rival) Menashshe the musician (? al-Mizmār). He then cites the saying of Yehoshuaʿ b. Qarḥa from BM 83b, "Let the owner of the vineyard come and eradicate his thorns" (יבא בעל הכרם ויכלה את קוציו). (Information in part from CUDL.)

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