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Recto: part of a letter, c. 1039 CE, written by Abraham b. David b. Siḡmār, on behalf of the Jerusalemite congregation in Fusṭāṭ, to the Nagid Yaʿaqov b. ʿAmram, in Qayrawān, concerning the conflict between the Gaʾon Shelomo b. Judah, and his rival Nathan b. Abraham, and asking the Nagid, who had previously petitioned the Muslim official Abū l-Qāsim Ibn al-Ukhuwwa on Nathan’s behalf, to show his renewed support for the legitimate Gaʾon, Shelomo. The writer also mentions the arrival in Fusṭāṭ of the Nasi Daniel b. ʿAzariah, grandson of the Exilarch Shelomo, and his efforts to reform the conduct of the Egyptian Jewish communities in respect of owning female slaves and enjoying secular music. Verso: Judaeo-Arabic letter. (Information from CUDL)

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