Legal document: T-S AS 150.134

Legal document T-S AS 150.134

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Recto: Legal testimony. Dated Sunday, 2 Shevaṭ 14[..] Seleucid (or 146[.]?). The protagonists are Abū l-Fakhr and Abū Saʿd b. Naḥman. The witnesses state that somebody was coerced to pay a sum of money due to fear alone, and it was not a gift or charity. Signed by Yehoshuaʿ [b. Shemu]el(?) ha-Levi, Yeshaʿyahu b. Nissim and Yaḥyā b. Avraham. (Information in part from CUDL.) On verso there is a very interesting first-person narrative in Arabic script probably summarizing the same case from the standpoint of one of the parties. "[...] my three brothers and their three wives prosecuted me with this at the time of my father's death, God's mercy be upon him, without any right (ḥaqq) or will (waṣiyya), and they took it from me [...] with slander and calumny, even though [my father] (God have mercy upon him) already paid them, and their [purpose?] is the enrichment of their wives (? ighnāʾ azwājihim), but with God the exalted is the [...], and He will not ignore [...] all of the adversaries." ASE

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