Legal document: T-S 6J12.7

Legal document T-S 6J12.7


Recto: accounts submitted by Abū l-Barakāt Shelomo b. Eliyyahu to al-Talmid Abu l-Faraj, headed by مملوكه שלמה אמת. In Arabic script and Greek/Coptic numerals. The first row is a list of names (e.g., Sulaymān, Hilāl, Bū l-ʿIzz) with numbers underneath. In the next section, mentions a copper worker (naḥḥās) and a Jewish silk dealer (al-ḥarīrī al-yahūdī) and various goods. At the bottom, فكتب بو البركات للتلميذ ابو الفرج اليهودي وصلولات الله علا سيدنا(؟) والحمد لله. On verso there are four more lines of commodities' names in Arabic script accompanied by Greek/Coptic numerals. Finally, there are legal jottings in Judaeo-Arabic written by Shelomo b. Eliyyahu. In the upper left corner: the name Seʿadya b. Shelomo. At the bottom, "Before us, the court, the above witnesses signed and sealed and witnessed for the groom and the bride. Written by Shelomo b. Eliyya. Ḥalfon ha-M[...] b. [...] ha-Ḥazzan. (Information in part from CUDL.)

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