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State document T-S Misc.20.92

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Decree of the caliph al-Ḥākim to the Qaraite community in Fusṭāṭ and elsewhere, granting them administrative independence from the Rabbanites, on the basis of the differences between the two communities regarding law and ritually kosher food. Dating: ca. 386–411 AH, which is 996–1021 CE. (Information from CUDL)

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Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).
  1. A mighty decree, at the top of which in the writing of the exalted hand (there is a motto):

  2. Praise be to God, lord of the universe.

  3. In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate.

  4. From the beloved slave of God, al-Manṣūr ‘Abū ‘Alī, the ‘imām al-Ḥākim bi-’Amr 

  5. Allāh, commander of the faithful, son of the 'imām, al-’Azīz bi-Allāh, commander of the faithful,

  6. to the community of Karaite Jews, in Fusṭāṭ and elsewhere. On account of the

  7. righteous path that the commander of the faithful follows and the just course that he pursues,

  8. he has given instructions for you to be separated from the Rabbanites, due to the cleavage

  9. between you regarding the law and your differences regarding ritually clean

  10. and unclean food. He has removed you from the jurisdiction of the judge of this

  11. sect and put you [   ]

  12. He has decreed that no approach should be made to ... [    ]

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