Legal document: T-S AS 160.149 + T-S AS 169.146 + T-S NS 257.40

Legal document T-S AS 160.149 + T-S AS 169.146 + T-S NS 257.40


Court record. Mainly in Judaeo-Arabic. Dated: last decade of Tishrei 1475 Seleucid = September 1163 CE, under the authority of the Gaʾon Netanʾel ha-Levi (the first two letters of his name are preserved נת[נאל], along with three lines of his titles). Abū l-Ṭāhir and the clothier (al-bazzāz) Abū l-Ṭayyib b. Avraham come before the court. Mentions a loan; a woman named Baqāʾ, the daughter of Abū l-Ḥasan al-Kohen [...] b. Natan he-Ḥaver; a teacher Shemuel b. Yosef; the woman's delayed marriage payment; something being deposited with the court; and repayment in installments. The remainder of the document is a detailed list of the contents of a trousseau, evidently that of Baqāʾ. The name of one witness is preserved: Yaʿaqov ha-Kohen b. Yo[...]. Joins: Alan Elbaum.

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