State document: T-S Ar.51.107

State document T-S Ar.51.107



State document, Fatimid period. Petition to a vizier of Al-ʿĀḍid li-Dīn Allāh from a baker in Fusṭāṭ concerning a debt that he had incurred with a certain ʿAbd al-Bāqī b. Wardar and is not able to repay. He is asking for a decree allowing him to pay his debt in instalments. On verso are two versions of the same reply to the petition, in which the judge Kāmal al-Dīn is entrusted with clarifying the status of the petitioner and working out a solution for him. Dating: 556–59 AH, which is 1161–64 CE. (Information from Khan and CUDL)

T-S Ar.51.107 1v



Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).


  1. المملوك 
  2. أبو عبد الله بن يحيى الفران بمصر
  3. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
  4. صلوات الله وبركاته ونوامي زكواته وأفضل تحياته وسلامه على مولانا وسيدنا 
  5. الإمام العاضد لدين الله أمير المؤمنين وعلى ابائه الطاهرين وأبنائه المنتظرين 
  6. صلاة دائمة باقية إلى يوم الدّين المملوك يقبل الأرض وينهي إلى المجلس العالي الملكي السامي
  7. السيدي الأجلي الجيوشي السيفي الكافلي الناصري الهادي وعضد به الدين 
  8. وامتع بطول بقائه أمير المؤمنين وأدام قدرته وأعلا كلمته وأنفذ في البسيطة أوامره وأحكامه
  9. وينهي أنه رجل صعلوك ذو عائلة واطفال فران بمصر وأن في قبله 
  10. لرجل يعرف بعبد الباقي ابن وردر دين وحاله يضعف عن القيام به 
  11. وصاحب الدين المذكور يطلب به الطلب الخبيث والمملوك يسل الإنعام عليه 
  12. والإحسان إليه بخروج الأمر المطاع إلى متولى الحكم العزيز بالنظر في 
  13. حاله وتقسيط الدين عليه على قدر حاله والرفق به ليجد السّبيل إلى 
  14. المقام بوطنه والقيام بأود عايلته ويحيى في هذه الاوامر الجيوشيه
  15. أبقاها اللّه تعالى وخلد ملك مالكها //في حياة مجددة// إنعام عليه وإحسان إليه وللآرا الاعلية
  16. فضل السّموّ والقدرة في ذلك إن شا اللّه تعالى 
  17. الحمد للّه وحده وصلوات اللّه على سيّدنا محمّد وآله وسلّم تسليما


Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).


  1. The slave

  2. Abū ʿAbdallāh, the baker from Fusṭāṭ.

  3. In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate.

  4. The benedictions of God and his blessings, his increasing benefactions, most excellent greetings and peace be upon our master and lord

  5. the imām al-ʿĀḍid li-Dīn AlIāh, commander of the faithful, and upon his pure ancestors and expected sons,

  6. enduring benedictions, which last until the day of judgement. The slave kisses the ground and reports to the lofty, exalted and sublime seat

  7. of the great lord, (commander of) the armies, sword (of Islam), the protector (of the judges of the Muslims), the defender (of mankind), the guide (of the dāʿīs of the believers), {and} may (God) strengthen the religion through him,

  8. gratify the commander of the faithful by his longevity, cause his power to endure, exalt his word and execute his commands and judgments upon the face of the earth,

  9. and reports that he is a poor man, with a family and children, a baker in Fusṭāṭ, and that he is in debt

  10. to a man called ʿAbd al-Bāqī ibn Wardar. He is too poor to pay it off

  11. and the aforementioned creditor is demanding it from him in a cruel fashion. The slave requests the kindness

  12. and benefaction of the issuing of an incontrovertible ordinance to the mighty judge to look into

  13. his situation and allow him to pay the debt in instalments, according to his condition, and to treat him leniently, so that he may find the means

  14. of dwelling in his native city, support his beloved family and live a new life in these days of the (commander of) the armies,

  15. may God, the exalted, cause them to remain and make eternal the reign of the one who rules during them, as a benefaction and kindness to him. To the exalted resolutions

  16. belongs the merit of loftiness and power regarding that, if God, the exalted, wills.

  17. Praise be to God alone and his blessings be upon our lord Muḥammad and his family and save them.

T-S Ar.51.107 1r


Recto - right

  1. رسم إلى القاضي الموفّق الأمين كمال الدّين 
  2. باستيضاح حال رافعها فإذا ثبت عدمه 
  3. بما يثبت به مثله فلينظر في أمره بما يوجبه الشرع 
  4. وتقتضيه المصلحة وإقراره بيده

Recto - left

  1. الحمد للّه رب العالمين
  2. ليستوضح القاضي الموفّق الأمين
  3. كمال الدّين ثقة الأنام شرف الحكام
  4. عز المسلمين مصطفى المؤمنين
  5. أدام اللّه تأييده وتمكينه وأحسن
  6. عونه وتوفيقه حال رافعها فإذا
  7. ثبت عدمه بما يثبت به مثله فلينظر
  8. في أمره بما يوجبه الشرع
  9. وتقتضيه المصلحة وليقرّ بيده إن شا اللّه 

Recto - right

  1. An instruction has been given to the prosperous and trustworthy qāḍī Kamāl al-Dīn
  2. to clarify the situation of the petitioner and, if his poverty is established
  3. in the way that such matters are established, let him look into his case according to the demands of the holy law
  4. and the requirements of public utility. (The qāḍī was also instructed) to deposit it
  5. in his hand.

Recto - left

  1. Praise be to God and ....

  2. Let the prosperous, trustworthy qāḍī

  3. Kamāl aI-Dīn, the trust of mankind, the nobility of judges,

  4. the might of the Muslims, the chosen one of the believers,

  5. may God cause to endure his support and his strength, and give him a good measure

  6. of help and prosperity, clarify the case of the petitioner and, if

  7. his poverty is established in the way such matters are established, let him look

  8. into his affair, according to the demands of the holy law

  9. and the requirements of public utility, and let it be deposited in his hand.

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