Legal document: T-S 10J8.17

Legal document T-S 10J8.17


Court record. In Judaeo-Arabic. In a Yemeni hand (Worman's handlist desribes it as "Modern Yemenite.") concerning a debt of 2.5 qirsh between Ṣaliḥ b. Mūsā ʿUmīsī and Ḥasan b. Sālim Mūsā Zanār. Several witnesses: Sālim Ḥadī (חדי), Ḥasan al-Dhīb (אלדיב, wolf), Yaḥyā Hārūn (ṣāḥib al-qumʿa(?)), Mūsā Nissīm, and Menaḥem (?). (Information in part from CUDL)

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