Legal document: ENA NS I.9

Legal document ENA NS I.9



Engagement (shiddukhin) contract. Draft. Late. There appears to be an Ottoman-era seal. Groom: Moshe b. Yehuda. Bride: Saʿādat bt. Avraham Dukkān (or Dakkān?), virgin. The conditions agreed upon between the groom and the bride's father are as follows. Early marriage payment: 5 (Venetian) peraḥim. Delayed marriage payment (called qushan/קושעאן): 5 peraḥim. The earnings of her labor are his, and he must provide her clothing. There is a monogamy clause (unless they live for 10 years without a child). The marriage will take place before Shavuʿot, or there will be a fine of 4 peraḥim. Damascus is mentioned and is perhaps the place where they lived. The paper has a number of pen trials for this very same document, as well as a beginning of an entry for other documents: (1) Doña Reyna the widow of Yiṣḥaq Re'uven received 60 peraḥim from her ketubba. (2) And another marriage-related document, groom: Moshe b. Avraham, Bride: Qamr.

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