Legal document: MS R1889, fol. 2 + MS R1889, fol. 1

Legal document MS R1889, fol. 2 + MS R1889, fol. 1



4 pages contains four legal queries and their responsa all by the RIF. Published in Wertheimer, קהלת שלמה, p. 92-94 [Ginzei Yerushalyim, p. 68-71. The responsa are not found in the published collection of RIF responsa. Another page is found in Mosseri VIII.407. On page four letters from the end of a resonsum. The first query is numbered '34' and was sent from Cordoba, about two brothers arguing about their share in an inheritance. The first born is claiming a double share. After this query another one, numbered 35, regarding the same issue: if one of the brothers will want to sell his share, how should they divide it. The query is ending in verso, l. 5, where the responsum begins. It's end is missing. Fol 2, recto: end of a query and responsum, numbered 40. About an argument between a wife, ptobably a widow, and the heirs of a piece of land which they holding in their possession. The woman is demanding the land for herself. The RIF reply that the heirs should produce a legal deed proving the land has been given to them, and if not it should be returned to the woman. On l. 17 another query about a wife who gave a house to her husband as a dowry. After his death the house was sold without her consent to a third person and they are now demanding the rent. He is demanding the rent from the son who sold him the house. The reponsum starts on verso, l. 9, but most of the text is missing. AA