Legal document: ENA 3750.2

Legal document ENA 3750.2


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Fragment of torn and damaged vellum, contains Geonic responsa. Published in Teshuvot ha-Hageonim Marmorstein, p. 2-3. On recto the end of a responsum on debt. On l. 12 another responsum on the custom to pray half in silence and half loud, which continues on verso. In l. 4 another responsum published in Otzar ha-Geonim, Berakhot. p. 63, no. 136. attributed to Rav Zemah Gaon. In li. 16 another responsum, published in Otzar ha-Geonim, Shabbat, p. 1, no. 2. In Ginzei Qedem, V, p. 85ff, TS 16.376 is published and contains another versions of the last 3 responsa here. AA

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