Legal document: ENA 2559.6

Legal document ENA 2559.6



Bifolio of a court notebook with legal and communal entries. (1) In which the goldsmith Bū l-Faraj b. Bū Isḥāq Ibrāhīm al-Maghribī grants permission to his wife Sitt al-Nabaʾ bt. Bū l-Surūr to give their son 10 shares of a house which belonged to her father. Dated: Monday, 6 Elul '27, meaning [15]27 Seleucid = 22 August 1216 CE. Signed by Ḥalfon b. Elʿazar ha-Kohen and Shemuʾel b. Mevasser ha-Melammed. (2) In which Barakāt b. Munajjā acknowledges that he owes 134.5 dirhams to Abū l-Riḍā b. Tamīm ha-Levi, on top of his prior debt of 160 dirhams related to their partnership in a shop. (3) In which Bū l-Faraj sells a female slave—described as באזיה מהגיה—to Banāt bt. Yaʿaqov. There is reference to a defect (al-ʿayb) and there are three numbers: 27 (it seems the original price in dinars), 15, and 23. It is unclear how the numbers relate to each other, and there is one undeciphered word after al-ʿayb. (4) On verso, there are accounts of communal collections (pesiqot). The righthand page is in Arabic script and Greek/Coptic numerals. The lefthand page is in Judaeo-Arabic with some numerals. Mentions: Umm Bū l-Faḍl the Alexandrian—15 dirhams; the wife of Bū l-Maḥāsin al-Ṭabīb al-Kohen—10; al-Najīb the parnas collected 'all of it'; Saʿāda; Zikrī; Mūsā the blind (al-ḍarīr); Dāʾud al-Ṣabbāgh; Bū Saʿd b. Ṭayyib; and Bū l-Munā al-Ṣabbāgh.