Legal document: MS R1890, fol. 2 + MS R1890, fol. 3 + MS R1890, fol. 1

Legal document MS R1890, fol. 2 + MS R1890, fol. 3 + MS R1890, fol. 1



Three pages containing Geoncc legal queries. Published by ורטהיימר, קהלת שלמה, עמ' עה-עט (תרגום בעמ' ב-יד) [= גנזי ירושלים תשמ"ב, עמ' ט-כא]. A new version of the query on the appointed death based on this MS and on another MS from Firkovitch collection publisged by וייל, ספר היובל לאסף, עמ' 261-267. On top of fol. 1 a title 'מן מסאיל מדינה'' קאבס לרבינו האיי ז'ק'ל' ' [= queries from Qabis to R. Hayya). Below a responsum on the 'appointed death', which continues on fol. 2, recto. Another versions of this responsum is found in TS Ar. 50.154 and BL Or. 5554B. Below another query on Jonah and the reason for his escape. In l. 13 another query on forbidden sex partner. L. 26 another one regardong the boy from the story on the king of Moab. The responsum is starting on l. 28 and continues on verso. Berso, l. 13 another query about Eve and the snake. AA