Legal document: ENA NS 77.254

Legal document ENA NS 77.254



Notes for the drawing up of a deed of sale for a slave. In the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe? One of the parties is the divorcee of Abū l-Bayān al-Kātib. Like other such documents, it specifies which party will have to pay potential government taxes (in this case the buyer). Here this clause is prefaced with the intriguing phrase, "if there is anyone who tattles to the government" (wa-ʾin kāna thumma man yaghmiz lil-sulṭān), implying that such transactions were conducted under the table. Cf. T-S 13J36.11, which describes the significant losses incurred by a slave owner after he was denounced to the government.

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