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Account of rent, ca. 1096. Accounting of rent owed by four tenants. Besides the accounting of an anonymous tenant of which only the end is preserved here, there are three larger paragraphs, of which the first deals with a room of a man from Aleppo (al-Halabi), the other with the apartment of another anonymous tenant, and the third with the apartment of Sitt Qawdaf. The third tenant had to pay one dinar for six months, as did hte lady named Sitt Qawdaf. The periods of payment covered are unusually long. The account stretches over more than two years, from January 1094 to February 1096. The document is a leaf from a notebook, divided into two parts. Written mostly in the hand of an unknown parnas, but with additions inserted in the awkward hand of the parnas Eli b. Yahya, its upper part is missing. (Information from Gil, Documents, pp. 227 #38)

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Moshe Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).

TS Box K 15, f. 87 Gil, Documents, pp. 227-228 Doc. #38 Accounting of rent ca. 1096 SH [11-25-86] (P) I

  1. [ ] סנה תמן
  2. [ ] תלת דנ`
  3. לה גמדי אלאול טבקה ספד תלת
  4. בית אלחלבי כלף
  5. אגרתה סדס דינאר פי אלשהר
  6. אולהא ענדה ג`מאדי אלאול סנה
  7. סבע ותמאנין לה אגרה
  8. גמאדי אלאול שהרין
  9. וג`מאדי אלאכר עשרה דראהם //מן ידה עלי דכאן// אלכבז
  10. כלף אלחלבי -----------------------------
  11. אול מא ענדה מסתהל שעבאן סנה
  12. תמאן ותמאנין וענדה בקיה
  13. ואח מיה ואח ותלאתין דרהם


  1. אגרה ביתה סדס דינאר פי [אלשהר]
  2. ענדה מן מסתהל רמצאן סנה סבע
  3. דפע דינר
  4. וענדה מן מסתהל רביע
  5. אול מן סנת תמן דפע דינאר
  6. וענדה מן רמצאן סנת תמן
  7. דפע דינאר ען סת אשהר אכרהא
  8. צפר וענדה מן מסתהל רביע
  9. אלאול סנה תסע
  10. סת קוצף
  11. אגרה ביתהא סדס דנא פי כל שהר
  12. ענדהא מן גמאדי אלאכיר סנה סבע
  13. וארבעה דראהם [ ]תלת שהור
  14. [ ]אחד ועשרין
  15. אד ור כא דרהם אולהא


Moshe Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).


  1.  .... of the year [48]8 

  2.  .... 1⁄3 dinar. 

  3.  To his credit for Jumādāʾl-awwal, the ṭabaqa . . . . 1/3. 

  4.  The room of al-Ḥalabī, in the rear, 

  5.  its rent: ⅙ dinar a month 

  6.  beginning for him on Jumādāʾl-awwal of the year 

  7.  [4]87. To his credit, the rent 

  8.  of Jumādāʾl-awwal; for two months, 

  9.  and for Jumādāʾl-ākhir, 10 dir., paid by him for the baker's shop 

  10.  in the rear of al-Ḥalabī.

  11.  This is what he owes, in the first place, on the first of Shaʿbān of the year 

  12.  [4]88. He also owes a balance 

  13.  of 131 dir.



  1.  The rent of his room, ⅙ dinar a month. 

  2.  He owes from the first of Ramaḍān of the year [48]7 

  3.  the payment of 1 dinar.

  4.  He also owes from the first of Rabīʿ  

  5.  awwal of the year [48]8 the payment of 1 dinar. 

  6.  He also owes from Ramaḍān of the year [48]8 

  7.  the payment of 1 dinar, for six months ending

  8.  on Ṣafar. He also owes from the first of Rabīʿ 

  9.  al-awwal of the year [48]9. 

  10. Sitt Qawḍaf: 

  11.  The rent of her room, 1/6 of a dinar a month. 

  12.  She owes from Jumādāʾl-ākhir of the year [48]7 

  13. and four dirhems. . . . three months 

  14.  . ... 21 

  15.  our Lord and Master, 21 dir., to begin with.

  16.  To her credit, for two months....


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