List or table: ENA 2592.25

List or table ENA 2592.25



List of names of very prominent people of the house of "the Meʿutad." On the back are lists of different houses—one name jumps out: "the house of Nānū," known from other documents from ca. the 1150s. This list is parallel to the one in T-S 8 K 22.6 (PGPID 2244), edited by Mann. The last of the families, the house of "the Meʿutad", is a famous family - the last one mentioned in the list, Ovadiah, is called "Negid Ereṣ Yisrael vi-Yehuda", and was appointed to this position by Ṣlāḥ al-Din - PGPID 9436.

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