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List or table ENA NS I.50



List of communal funds dated 1651 (Iyyar 5411 AM) that may relate to stipends allotted for Torah study given the fact that the verso mentions haspaqa (הספקה) in Cairo (or perhaps all of Egypt: "יד אלבעלי תורה אלדי כאנו במצר ען אל הספקה"). The alphanumerical figure following this account heading is 750 (תשנ) which tentatively can be read as the total number of people who received haspaqa in Egypt or Cairo c. 1651-52 CE. This number seems somewhat high to have applied to just Cairo and might also include Torah scholars from Alexandria and Rosetta (Rashīd) which appear collectively in the final line of figures Toward the bottom of the recto. At least one other account listed on the recto refers to a collective group "מערבים" i.e. "Maghrebi" congregation(s). Some entries also include mention of unnamed study(?) partners (שותפו), such as: "Moshe Villisid and his partner" and "Yaʿacōv Zagadon and his partner." At least two of the names mentioned include the professional title "ṣayrāfī" (accountant/moneychanger) rather than the individual's surname. The list on the recto features several well-known rabbis of seventeenth-century Egypt and, more broadly, is an invaluable source given the level of detail it offers for Rabbanite Jewish communal membership in seventeenth-century Egypt. The names of individuals listed on the recto include: Abraham al-Khōl[?], Yiṣḥaq Luria, Yaʿaqov Beirav Levi, Nissim D'Ganos[?], Yeshūʿa [M]onson?, Yosef ha-Levi, Yaʿacov De Leon, Zeyn Sababo, Nissim Qaṣtantīn, Shmuel Koʿaykh[?], Nissim Zagadon, Yaʿaqov Bibas, Yeshūʿa ʿUziel, Shemuʾel Gazawī, Moshe Vilisid, Yaʿaqov Simḥon, Aharon Nafja, Khalīfa al-Zūgī, Yahuda Ḥāmī, Yahuda Ḥadad, Abraham Ḥadīd, Yaʿacov Zagadon, Nisim Meyera, Natan ha-Levi, David Moron, Elisha' Soḥmi, Yiṣḥaq Lopes, David Bueno, Moshe Ozelo, Yahuda Sid, R. al-Shāmī, Shaḥata Shihāb, Maimon Ṣayrāfī, Shelomo al-Ahdab, Shimʿon Ṣayrāfī, Moshe ha-Kohen, Yiṣḥaq ha-Levi, Ashkenazi Kumar, Shlomo Sofīno, Khalifa ___?, Mordechai Medina, Moshe Noṣerī, Raḥamīm ha-Kohen, ____? Ibn Shanji, ____? al-Qudsī, Shemuʾel Ibn Ṣor, Yahuda Danon, Safdia Tilmsānī, Shaḥata Dodlaḥ[?], Meṣliaḥ Fransia, Yiṣḥaq al-Shāmī, Yiṣḥaq Noal?, Moshe Ramḥon[?], Moshon Shāmī, Yiṣḥaq Reʾuben, Abraham Menashe, Shmuel ___a?, Yiṣḥaq Medina, Shmuel ?ḥaj, Abraham Sanes, Yosef Yiṣḥaq, Avraham Menashe, Canbos?, Abraham al-Aḥdab, Ḥayyīm Cāpossi, Yiṣḥaq ha-Levi, Moshe Saragossī, Shemuʾel Skandarī. MCD.

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