Paraliterary text: ENA 4193.18

Paraliterary text ENA 4193.18



Astrological text in Arabic script, with interspersed words transcribed into Judaeo-Arabic (late hand) in the spaces between the lines. This demonstrates that even some Jews who could write Judaeo-Arabic very well couldn’t read Arabic or the transcriber was beginning to create an edition in Judaeo-Arabic for non-Arabic readers. The names of the planets in Arabic are transcribed as is in Judaeo-Arabic and not translated into Hebrew which could be because the entire scientific literature of that period was in Arabic.

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Yusuf Umrethwala, unpublished editions (n.p., 2022).


  1. من يوم الاحد وان اردت الهياجان

  2. ففي ساعة المريخ من يوم الجمعة وهي

  3. سادس ساعة منه وان اردت

  4. تحرق قلبه ففي ساعة الزهرة من

  5. يوم الثلاثا وهي ثالث ساعة

  6. وان اردت صمته وعقد لسانه

  7. ففي ساعة زحل من يوم الخميس

  8. وهي سابع ساعة منه وان اردت

  9. … عقد الشهوة ففي ساعة زحل

  1. من يوم


Yusuf Umrethwala, PGP Translations (n.p., 2022).


  1. On Sunday. If you intend to provoke/agitate (him/someone)

  2. then in the hours of Mars on Friday which is

  3. The sixth hour of the day and if you wish to

  4. burn his heart (inflict severe pain), then in the hours of Venus

  5. on Tuesday which is the third hour of the day

  6. and if you wish to silence him and impede his speech

  7. then in the hours of Jupiter on Thursday

  8. Which is the seventh hour of the day. And if you wish

  9. To curb his desires and pleasures then in the hours of Saturn

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  1. صفة معرفة الأعمال الخير

  2. والشر في ساعات الكواكب 

  3. على طريقة الجمل ان اردت الهيبة

  4. عند الملوك ففي ساعة الشمس يوم

  5. ان اردت الهيبة عند الملوك ففي

  6. يوم الاحد اول ساعة وان اردت

  7.  تكون الهيبة عند الامرا واجند

  8. ففي ساعة الشمس من يوم الثلاثا

  9. وان اردت محبة عند الناس 

  10. والسلاطين ففي ساعة الزهرة

  1. Description of understanding the rightful actions 

  2. And the evil in hours of the stars 

  3. in summation. If you wish for prestige

  4. In front of emperors, then in the hours of the Sun on the day

  5. If you wish for prestige in front of emperors, then on

  6. Sunday in the first hour and if you wish

  7. For status in front of Emirs and army personnel

  8. then in the hours of Sun on Tuesday

  9. And if you desire for people’s affection for you

  10. and that of the kings, then in the hours of Venus

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