Letter: T-S Ar.38.1

Letter T-S Ar.38.1


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Letter in Arabic in which a teacher reports to "my lord the Kohen" that the boy Mūsā had come to school after having absented himself for some days. However when he was asked to revise the Bible reading he swore he would never read more than one time and when the teacher asked him to repeat, he ran away. The teacher ran after and shouted at him, but he would not return. The teacher now asks the addressee's help. "If he does not revise it four or five times, he will not memorize it." Information from Goitein's note card.

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S. D. Goitein, "Side Lights on Jewish Education from the Cairo Geniza," in Gratz College Anniversary volume (Philadelphia: Gratz College, 1971), 83-110.
  1. اعلم الموﻻ الكاهان وفقه الله تعالى
  2. ان موسى اليوم دون اﻻيام دخل
  3. وقدامى صغير يقرا قلت له خذ
  4. الفر[اشا واقرا اربع خمس دفوع حتا
  5. يفرغ الصغير حلف بالله تعالى انه
  6. ما يقرا سوا مرة البسوق قلت
  7. عيد مرتين خلانى وخرخ وانا
  8. ازعق له ما رضى يرجع وان لم يقرا
  9. اربع خمس دفوع ما يحفض شى
  10. وقد اعلمتك فتوصيه بفضل
  11. منك والسلام والحمد لله

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