List or table: ENA 2991.24

List or table ENA 2991.24



List of accounts and calculations in Judeo-Arabic related to the weight, value, and prices of "raisins / זביב" (l. 3r, 8r). Given that gold sharifi coinage is in use, the fragment may date from the 15th-16th centuries (see explanation of verso below). An individual by the name of David Kohen is involved in the calculations on the recto, perhaps as a party to an associated transaction (l. 2r). All of these terms "weight / וזן", "value / קאים", and "price / סער" appear throughout the verso and on occasion verbal constructions with the root "צרפ / صرف" (l. 8r, 16r) appear that imply value calculations perhaps into "silver / פצה[?]" coinage (l. 13r). All of these figures are expressed alphanumerically. On the verso, the same hand continues accounts connected to a variety of inidividuals such as Yiṣḥaq b. al-Ashqar "אלאשקר" (l. 6-7v from left side of fragment), Meir Saragosi "סראגוסי" (l. 8-9v), and Aharon b. al-Ashqar (l. 11-12v). In the calculations connected to these individuals, the general label "silver / פצה" is used alongside the more specific designation of the gold "sharifi / שריפי" which was first minted under the Mamluk sultanate in 1425CE (Pamuk, A Monetary History of the Ottoman Empire, 60). MCD.

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