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Letter ENA 2808.38


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Letter fragment. In Judaeo-Arabic. Shelomo b. Eliyyahu’s hand? Mentions an old woman, then somebody's (probably the writer's) intention to bring a matter before the state authorities ([anā] ʿāzim ʿalā l-dukhūl ilā l-sulṭān. . . fī qaḍiyyatī wa-injāz qiṣṣatī. . . al-salāṭīn ʿazza naṣruhum. . .), then perhaps returns to the old woman and the desire for her to enjoy peace of mind and tranquil years. If [...] agrees, the writer will send another letter, and if a certain woman also wishes something. . . otherwise, let her sit until God has mercy . . . [it ends around here]. ASE.

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