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Letter ENA 2808.65


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Letter from Aryana (? אריינה) to her sister Shurbilliya (? שורבלייא), the wife of Avraham al-Ḥadīb. In Hebrew. Dating: Late, plausibly 16th century, which is Avraham David's assessment. The writer thanks the addressee for the cheese and insists on paying for it, "for our love does not depend on gifts." She reports that the son of Naftali left his father 13 "cintas" (שינטאש) in בית הבאגילירא(?). These should be collected either by a woman called שנייתי or by the addressee. The addressee is asked to purchase with them one אולייא and one דריאדא that should be larger than the ones sold 'by the French Ishamelite." Needs examination. ASE.

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