Letter: ENA 2558.31c

Letter ENA 2558.31c



Autograph note from Avraham Maimonides to al-Shaykh al-Talmid al-Ajall al-Raṣuy(?). In Judaeo-Arabic. Seems to mention somebody in need (...wa-ḍururātuh...) and Rabbi Menaḥem. The third line on the other side appears to also be in Avraham's handwriting (at least the Hebrew script that refers to al-Tifʾeret, but perhaps also the preceding words in Arabic script). This note is written on a fragment that was cut from a letter sent to Avraham Maimonides. The original address of that letter (in both Arabic script and Hebrew script) is still preserved: "al-Ḥarīrī should deliver this to Sayyidnā al-Rayyis... Avraham ha-Nagid ha-Gadol...."