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Letter ENA 2806.15

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Petition from Avraham al-Qushāshī to Maṣliaḥ Gaʾon. He says that he used to work and earn a living like everyone else [but now he is unable to and needs charity]. The lower part is torn away. On verso, in a different hand, there are eight lines of Hebrew piyyuṭ followed by the beginning of a letter in Judaeo-Arabic. The sender informs the addressee that he went in to visit (aftaqid) Maṣliaḥ Gaʾon, and "the noble council" (al-majlis al-karīm) was just saying their goodbyes and leaving, so he remained alone with Maṣliaḥ ("Sayyidnā"). The last line is damaged but includes the phrase "I have bestowed favor upon him." Maybe this is Maṣliaḥ speaking, referring to his willingness to help the addressee (=the original petitioner from recto?).

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