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Letter ENA 2808.62


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Addendum to a letter. Addressed to a woman. The sender reports that after finishing the letter, al-Bazzāz al-Ḥajj arrived and insisted that the sender's son owes him 11 dinars and that he knows that the son arrived in Damascus. The sender is asked to write to her own son and tell him to send whatever he can. The sender is ashamed to ask this and says that (s)he shouts at Barakāt to write an Arabic letter to the son who owes the 11 dinars. The entirety of this document is devoted to this issue, and the sender is worried. Asks for the response to be sent with Umm Fadāʾil. In the margin of verso urges the addressee to not be negligent (unusually, uses ר for غ in the word ghafla) in obtaining a rescript (al-tawqīʿ) and reminding Ibn al-Dimyāṭī to help with paying off the debt.

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