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Letter ENA 1157.8


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Maghribī mercantile letter. Dating: Probably 11th century. From Ibrāhīm b. [...], likely in Tripoli (Libya), to an unidentified addressee, likely in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. The addressee is asked to go to Mukhtār and frighten him over the 2.75 dinars, since the sender has had to pay this sum to Ibn al-Tāhertī. He mentions appointing an agent and the name Ibn Ṭalyūn and "to collect it from him, a little bit every week." Greetings to many people: the addressee's son Abū l-Faḍl; Ḥasan and his children; Ṣadaqa and his children; Abū Naṣr; Abū [...]; Sulaymān; Samīḥ; Mūsā. Written on parchment. Needs to be unfolded and conserved. Uncited in the literature.

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