Letter: ENA NS I.6

Letter ENA NS I.6



Letter from Ibrāhīm to his maternal uncle Khalaf b. Ismāʿīl al-Ṣabbāgh (the dyer), in Ḥabs Bunān (Fustat). In Judaeo-Arabic. The sender had previously sent a letter with Ṣāfī, and he complains about the lack of a response. "I am not content with your greetings to me in letters to other people. My heart will be at ease when you send me letters." The addressee had sent some money (it seems with Abū l-Surūr) to help Ibrāhīm pay his capitation tax. Regards to Umm Manṣūr and R. Yiṣḥaq. "May God never deprive me of your fragrance (rīḥatkum)." ASE

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