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Recto: Letter in Judaeo-Arabic from "your brother Musa" (Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi) asking the recipent to sell for him the Mishnah and Hilkhot Shehitah and send him the money with the bearer. He also wants to buy the codices of the Torah copied by Abu Sahl the Qaraite that he had seen in the addressee's possession. He sends greetings to one of the women of the family ('al-kabirah'). Verso: the response, from "your brother Yosef b. Hillel." Yosef reports that 32 dirhams were spent on the copies made by Abu Sahl the Qaraite, but he (presumably Abu Sahl) has not yet sold them because he is asking for 60 dirhams. However, Yosef has in his possession 4.5 books (of the Torah? Mishnah?) which fetched 23 dirhams. As for the copies belonging to Moshe, Yosef has not yet been able to sell them for the price that Moshe specified, so he tells him to be patient. ASE.

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