Letter: ENA NS 7.48

Letter ENA NS 7.48



Recto: Letter fragment in Judaeo-Arabic. The same scribe left at least five other letters: see tag. In other letters, he writes to his father in Minyat Qā'id and is treated for a febrile disease by a physician named Ibn Ḥabīb. In this letter he mentions Abū l-Ḥasan (he has a brother of this name), discusses business matters, and mentions a bathhouse (ḥammām). Verso: Letter draft in Arabic script addressed to Abū Naṣr. Only the first two lines are present. Underneath, there is a line in Judaeo-Arabic (different hand than the letter on recto) that reads, "[my lett]er to you, and read it—O he who forgot me and whom I have not forgotten"; this is then transcribed into Arabic script. ASE.

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