Letter: ENA NS 67.8

Letter ENA NS 67.8



Letter fragment (bottom half) from Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi, Qalyub, to a family member in Fustat. The entirety has to do with financial transactions and orders for materia medica. Moshe sent 24 dirhams with the bearer. Mahfuz is to get 10 dirhams and Moshe's maternal grandfather is to get 1 dirham ("and may he pray for me"). Then the addressee should pay off the price of the 2 3/4 ratls of rose water. With the remainder, he is to buy 10 sujrahs (? סגרה); mercury (זיבק); and green gallnuts (עפץ אכצר). He concludes by urging his family members to pray for him. ASE.

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