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Letter from Eliyyahu b. Seʿadya, in Fustat/Cairo, to the Ḥakham Avraham ha-Levi b. Moshe ha-Levi the Qaraite, in Jerusalem. Scribed by Yaʿaqov Ḥayna (? חיינה) al-Ḥazzān. Dated: Wednesday, 5 Tammuz 5587 AM, which is 1827 CE. (There is a problem here in that 5 Tammuz 5587 was a Saturday, not a Wednesday, but perhaps this can be explained by the discrepancy between Qaraite and Rabbanite calendars.) The introduction is in Hebrew and the body is in Judaeo-Arabic; the address is in Hebrew and in Arabic script. The letter concerns the visit of the addressee to Egypt and a cryptic business matter involving a payment of 11 maḥmūdiyya (gold coins minted by Maḥmūd II). Needs further examination.

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