Letter: ENA NS 63.3

Letter ENA NS 63.3


Letter addressed to the brothers Yosef Yerushalmi ̣Ṣaʿir and Eliyyahu Yerushalmi Ṣaʿir b. Elishaʿ, in Fustat/Cairo. The writer may be in Jerusalem and may be named Avraham; it seems that his father is named Moshe b. Shemuel ha-Levi. The introduction is in Hebrew and the body is in Judaeo-Arabic. Dated: Friday, 14 Sivan 5577 AM = 29 May 1817 CE. The writer complains about the cessation of correspondence and provide a recommendation for his paternal uncle (unless this relationship is figurative) Saʿadya Levi who has traveled to Egypt and needs financial aid.

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