Letter: ENA NS 60.12

Letter ENA NS 60.12



Verso (probably the original use): Letter fragment. In Arabic script. Written in a formal style and reporting that the bearer (al-wāṣil bihā), a certain Muḥammad, has been diligent in "service" (mulāzim al-khidma) for two and a half years and has not (missed?) a single day. There may follow a request for a favor on his behalf. Needs further examination. Recto (probably the secondary use): Letter from Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi (d. 1212), in Qalyūb, to his family members in Fustat. This is the beginning of the letter and conveys concern for some trial (taʿab) that he heard afflicts his brother Abū l-Ḥasan.

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