Paraliterary text: ENA NS 52.26

Paraliterary text ENA NS 52.26


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Probably a colophon, but conceivably a letter. In Judaeo-Arabic. Opens with the titles and names of various distinguished people: the Gaon Rav [...] and al-Rayyis al-[...] and Yehosef his son Rosh ha-Midrash Qahal Yehosef and Rav Shemuel ha-Levi. "I have gathered in this book [what has come] into my hand from the words [al-kalām]. . . of my brother(?) . . . and I wrote it in my own hand. . ." The writer then gives the date of completion, probably Dhū l-Qaʿda 6[..] AH (although אלקדעה is written instead of אלקעדה) and 4[...] AM. If these readings are correct, the fragment was written betwen 1204 CE and 1239 CE.

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