Letter: ENA NS 52.10

Letter ENA NS 52.10



Letter from Ibrāhīm Dhabbāḥ to Shelomo ha-Ḥazzan. In Hebrew (for the ornate introduction) and Judaeo-Arabic (for the body). Dating: After 1425 CE, as one of the currencies mentioned is the ashrafī– which was first minted under Sultan al-Ashraf Barsbay in this year. The addressee had sent 200 "maghribī" (dinars?). Ibrāhīm was able to sell them to the Qaraites for 122 ashrafis per 100 maghribis, so he now has 244 ashrafis. Then a group of Muslims showed up, and the Qaraites offered them 12[.] ashrafis per 100 maghribis.

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