Letter: ENA NS 48.29

Letter ENA NS 48.29



Letter addressed to Sitt Shaʿl, in Dār al-Nāqa, Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. The handwriting is distinctive, with stylized loops at the end of all the descenders. Dating: Perhaps 12th century; more precise dating may be possible based on the people named in the letter (e.g., Abū l-Murajjā Sālim and Rabbenu Zakkay). "The holiday has attacked (i.e, is upon us). You cannot stay by yourselves, and neither can I stay by myself. I know that the community will not let me leave the town, and also there will be a pesiqa on the holiday. Give to Abū l-Murajjā Sālim your relative the goods that you cannot carry, and send your sister's jar (zīr) with the bearer of this letter so that he can treat himself with it{s contents} (? yataṭabbabu fīhi). If my father asks for any wheat, give it to him." The writer expresses commiseration with a certain woman (his mother?) and then perhaps describes his own illness, but this section is damaged: ". . . on Friday, but only with a dirty body, and I was bled. And [my?] illness. . . ."

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Alan Elbaum, [digital geniza document edition] (n.p., 2024).


  1. . . . . . . . . . . . אדאם] אל בקאכם ואדאם עזכם ומן חסן אלתופיק
  2. לא אכלאכם גמע] אללה אלשמל ביננא עלי אסר אלאחואל במנה
  3. וכרמה אנה ולי דלך ואלקאדר] עליה אן שא אל ואלדי אעלמכם בה
  4. אן מוצל הדה] אלאחרף אלשיך אבו אלמרגא סאלם קד קאל לי באנה


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