Letter: ENA NS 35.19

Letter ENA NS 35.19



Upper part of a family letter in Judaeo-Arabic, probably no earlier than 15th century. The writer addresses his father, "the boy" (his brother?) Shemuel, his sisters Ghuzla, Sumayḥa, and Ruḥama, and his mother. He has sent with Raḥamin, the bearer of the letter, some money (ashrafiyyīn dhahab) which is to be given to Ḥafṣa "to free herself with it." The writer would have come himself if he had completed the sales he needs to make. He exhorts Shemuel to look after everyone. They are going to receive 200 eggs; his siblings are to get 100 and Raḥamin 100, and his mother is to receive 50 eggs from those of Ḥafṣa. ASE.

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