Letter: ENA NS 33.22

Letter ENA NS 33.22



Letter fragment (lower left part). In Judaeo-Arabic. The handwriting seems familiar. ". . . betroth her and take her, and let him not be absent for a week or. . . tell me what should be done, for I am perplexed. . ." Regards to: mawlāy al-levi and his brother-in-law beḥir ha-kohanim; Abū Isḥāq and his brothers; Abū l-Makārim; Abū l-Faḍl Rosh ha-Medabbrim; Abū l-Makārim b. Nufayʿ and his son. There is a postscript regarding the son of the faqīh Abū Ṭālib, who came and asked the writer to pass on his gratitude to al-Fakhr.

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